File a better USA VISA case.

E2 or EB5 USA Visa’s (investors).

Applicant need a branding package before applying.

Visa Branding Package – Help your clients and make money with no extra effort.

Referral Program

Whenever someone buys a “Visa Branding Package” through your link, you earn a 6% bonus, you can recive cash, you can transfer it to your client as a courtesy discount or we can give you marketing material for your company, for the value of your earned bonus (digital or print).

You don’t have any extra costs or extra work,  and is an added value from your firm to your client

We also speak Spanish.


VBP Affiliate Network

Simply apply to our program by clicking the “Join Now” button below.

You’ll receive up to 6% commission on our Visa Branding Packages products’ sales made through your referral link.


Let's be strategic partners

We can complement each other by giving your client a solution to a real need they have before applying for their visa. We not only execute but also give your client the necessary visual identity documentation supporting it.

A solution for your client

Why? Because your client needs to have a visual identity for their business, business stationeries, a website and social media platforms to show the US Government that their LLC is legit and that they are already investing in the USA with a company from the USA.

How does it work

After you are affiliated to the referral program, a unique ID will be set in our system, that ID will be related through a link, that link is the one your clients must click so we can identify they are your clients, once this is done, that ID will be saved as a cookie in your client’s browser for 30 days, when ever your client comes back during that time, we will identify him/her as your client, after that time they must re-click your link.

Unique ID

You can send your unique link to your clients through any communication or channels (Mail, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Messages, etc) and/or you can also download our ads banners and marketing material so you can place them on your website, newsletter, emails, etc (Yes you can use one or all of them). The more you communicate your unique link, the more chances your client will use them.


You can log in to your Referral members area to see how you are doing, how many sales you have and how much you should be paid (Real-time reporting & sales tracking). Payments are made by check and mailed at the end of the month.
Feel free to contact us at any time, if you have questions before affiliating or afterward, you are always welcome.