Work Smarter, Not Harder

For Real Estate Agents

Our Real Estate Automated Conversational Marketing Agent will direct your leads to a conversation related to their specific needs (Buy, Sell, Rent), to engage and pre-qualify them, all automated, without your intervention and without the risk of getting your page shutdown/banned for not complying with Facebook and Messenger policies.

All the information acquired is transferred in realtime to a dashboard, where you’ll find useful insights and status of your pipeline.
It’s like having an assistant working 24/7 365 days.

Your social media and advertisement efforts will be maximized by using the same ecosystem your leads already are, without the need of opening a website or downloading any extra app, the whole conversation takes place inside Facebook Messenger which has over 107 million of active users in the US.

Immediate Response

Engage with your lead inside the 30-second window, without your intervention. In English and Spanish!

Message Upon Comments

When your lead comments on your post, it will fire an engaging message to start the conversation.


A visual dashboard will give you a quick understanding of the status and needs of your lead. Spanish Dashboard available.

Export Data

Export your database by Buyers, Sellers or Renters in any of these formats csv, tsv, pdf, xlsx, ods.

Ads Keywords

Special keywords that you can use on Facebook & Instagram Ads to fire the engagement on messenger.

Unique URL

A unique URL (link) you can use on any of your communication channels (WhatsApp, SMS, eMail, other).

*QR Code

A QR code, so people can scan and engage with you. Useful for printed material (signs, mailers, cards, etc.).

In Compliance With Policies

We keep up-to date and in compliance with Facebook and Messenger policies.


Basic Integration Included: MailChimp, Active Campaign, HubSpot CRM, Convert Kit.


We are constantly seeking and adding new features, we listen and welcome suggestions that benefit you.


Need something additional? We can custom develop to fulfill your needs.

**Ad Campaigns

Need help setting or managing your ads campaigns? We can do that for you, ask for a quote.

*Printed material not included.
** Not included in actual plans and must be quoted separately.

Available Plans

$99 Startup Fee + $99 per month
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$99 Startup Fee + $139 per month
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$99 Startup Fee + $149 per month
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Our services and software are based under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
One Time $99 Setup Fee | 12 month agreement

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