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Our Accelerator Ecosystem is a proven solution to drive customers to your restaurant, generate brand awareness, engage with your audience, transform into recurrent customers. All these while you watch your ROI in our real-time dashboard.
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Accelerator Ecosystem

We consider that the main three reasons for the Accelerator Ecosystem’s success are:

First, because we have over 15 years of experience!

Second, because everything happens inside the platforms your customers normally use and have all apps already installed on their phones, so there is no need for them to download any extra app or log in to any special website in order to engage with your restaurant.

Third, because we accelerate the conversion by engaging in a unique way with an 90% (+/-) open rate.

Even if you are already seeing traction from your marketing efforts, our Accelerator Ecosystem, will scale your current results and really take things to the next level.

Messenger Marketing for Restaurant’s

Our focus is to engage with your restaurant’s customers through several Facebook Messenger automation, that work together with other funnel tactics, ads, posts, organic engagement and emails while growing your database.

Do you want to know an estimate of what your additional yearly profit could be with our Accelerator Ecosystem program? We invite you to do a Test Drive, click the “Try Me” button below and receive a message from us on your Facebook Messenger.

Why Our Accelerator Ecosystem

is the Best Investment

We also have other goodies

Table Booking

Yes. We have a table booking system that works entirely on Facebook Messenger. So your customers don’t have to download a new app or open a website so they stay in the ecosystem.

Customer Service

Now your customers can have a chance to comment directly to you, before writing a negative online review! Throughout the process, you will gain knowledge of your pain points, all within Facebook Messenger so they stay in the ecosystem.

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