Let's Bridge the Gap!

Netspot USA is a digital marketing, communications, and a Design Thinking agency that develops insights and analyzes big data with a human-centered approach, that takes your pain-points into consideration and drives end-to-end solutions along the customer journey map.

Internal Communication

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a holistic look at the problem. It guides us into a deeper thinking, considering …

Internal Communication

Insights & Strategy

Developing a communication strategy strengthens the link between the brand and its customers. The objective…

Internal Communication

Digital Marketing

We use the marketing tools and actions to develop, optimize and improve sales,  increase…

Internal Communication

Internal Communication

Improving employee engagement has become a major necessity. Healthy internal communications…

Established in 2004

Many years of experience in solving problems, discovering touch points, and connecting the dots.

Desirability, viability, feasability

Our Philosophy

We collaborate with our clients to find the “Why”, the “How”, and then the “What”, to fully understand their true value and maximize it through communication channels, allowing every person that interacts with the brand to have a full experience at any touch point of the journey.

The Challenge

Do you have communication problems related to marketing, sales, employees, processes, and/or technology? Don’t fret – every business has problems! Our challenge is to solve the problems you have. Bring your communication problems to us and we will analyze the data and gather the necessary insights to take action and bridge the required gaps.

The Solution

We’ll tell you where the gaps are and we’ll bridge them. Most of the time, gaps are bridged by taking action in areas or ways you haven’t thought of; this is our expertise, we call it problem-solving.


57% of projects fail due to a breakdown in communications.

2.50 billion Facebook active users monthly in Q4 2019.


ROI increased by Internal Communications improvement.


Improvement with dThinking.

Full-Service Communication


Our services are based on solutions to any type of problem related to communication. We can solve problems relating to marketing, internal communications, and innovative processes; including Drip campaigns, social media, digital marketing, branding, internal communication campaigns, manufacturing process improvement, animations, graphic design, problem-solving workshops, and data analysis/insights.

Design Thinking

We constantly use Design Thinking for integrating innovation, customer experience, and brand value. Design Thinking is an approach to solving problems that positions end-users at the center of the process. The goal is to develop useful products and solutions that fit the needs of the user.


The public is constantly becoming more aware and digital tools change frequently as well, so we think it is important to continually measure performance, so you can change the activities (both inside and outside your business) to steadfastly achieve your goals.
  • PMO with Comms strategies reduce costs by 18%. 18% 18%
  • Design Thinking improves the working culture by 71%. 71% 71%
  • Engaged customers generate 37% more revenue. 37% 37%
  • 35% of companies are rated with a good email campaign. 35% 35%
  • 51% of US workers are NOT engaged. 51% 51%
  • 59% of customers experienced problems in the last 6 months. 59% 59%
  • 34% of bank employees believe that banks deliver on the brand promise. 34% 34%
  • 31% of B2B customers believe that suppliers understand their needs. 31% 31%

Bridging the Communication Gap.

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach a combination of a scientific method and an artistic process. We use it because we think that most of the communication and marketing problems are solved by keeping the human factor at the forefront (customer, employee, partner, team, etc.).

Through insights, we are able to understand the main issue and increase the effectiveness of the actions. We try to always use appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and outcomes.

Our Services: | Enhance processes. | Empower brands. | Build a positive relationship with clients and employees. | Strengthen human, brand, and corporate values. | Promote learning and development experiences. | Advocate positive behaviors and working environments. | Initiate internal and external communication proposals with a high-value return.

We continually endeavor to maximize your return on investment.